For the ILM accredited leadership and management course that I’m on, we’ve been asked to submit Belbin profiles again – interestingly slightly different to December when we did this as a CODEC team.   My results (using Wikipedia definitions): Resource Investigator The Resource Investigator gives a team a rush of enthusiasm at the start of Continue Reading →


So, in our team meeting today, we looked at Johari, which I’ve not heard of before, as wasn’t too convinced by, and then moved onto Belbin, which I’ve never done, but have always been interested in the possibility of doing. My outcome: 1) Teamworker 2) Resource Investigator 3) Coordinator and Implementer Read the team-role summary Continue Reading →

The Myers-Briggs Test: Totally Unscientific?

So, this is my current Twitter bio Life Explorer, HE/learning, Christian, cultural history, WW2 posters: Keep Calm & Carry On, digital, ENFP, #digitalparenting @digitalfprint @ww2poster@bigbible which you’ll notice includes the Myers-Briggs personality type ‘ENFP’, and I’ve always been fascinated by personality tools that can help understand how I can make the most of myself, and understand others better. In Continue Reading →

[MBTI] Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Fascinated to see this test come up in my Facebook feed… I’m Ron, apparently… ‘Geeks Are Sexy‘ site suggests that you take this test and then compare the results! drbexl Life Explorer, HE/learning, Christian, cultural history, WW2 posters: Keep Calm & Carry On, digital world, coach, ENFP, @digitalfprint, @ww2poster Like it? Share it…

Quiet: The Power of Introverts

As a definite extrovert, found sight of this book interesting: Michael Mack, reader in the department of English studies, Durham University, is reading Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking (Viking, 2012). “A fascinating book that counters our society’s obsession with groups. Cain does not take issue with extroverts as Continue Reading →

OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) provides in-depth information on how individuals fit within a work environment, how they will work with others and their performance potential against job competencies. I undertook the profiling soon after I accepted my redundancy payment from the University of Manchester. “A real people person, very socially confident; sympathetic and considerate Continue Reading →