Osley, A. Persuading the People 1995

A government publication aimed at the younger generations, although older generations would also be interested in the many illustrations of posters, leaflets, etc. The book begins with a brief chronology, and an explanation of why the subject is still of relevance, before outlining the wartime publicity machine which produced so many campaigns. The book then deals with various themes such as morale, mobilisation, salvage and health. The book ends with a brief bibliography that contains Continue Reading →

Davies, J. The Book of Guinness Advertising, 1998

When I bought this book, it was the cover which caught my eye! A multiplicity of colourful Guinness advertising (particularly posters) was tiled across the front. However, the new cover is also instantly recognisable as Guinness advertising – reminiscent of the ‘black and white’ campaign which has again been replaced! One cannot stand still in the world of advertising as interest in the product needs to be maintained! Guinness advertisements have been running since 1929, Continue Reading →

Darracott, J., Loftus, B. Second World War Posters London: HMSO, 1972 (Reprinted 1981)

A well illustrated work that accompanied an exhibition of war posters at the Imperial War Museum. It was edited by Joseph Darracott, the head of the Art Department at the IWM, with many illustrations prefaced by a short introductory piece. Each of the colour poster illustrations, most of which are British (a reflection of the holdings of the IWM, which contains some 20-30,000 British posters) are accompanied by biographical information about the artist, and contextual Continue Reading →

Campaign: The 100 best posters of the century, 1999

A really fascinating book which considers, as the title says, the 100 best posters of the twentieth century. BUT, who decides what can be considered the ‘best’. The decisions were made by a wide range of people working for some of the most prolific current British advertising agencies. Apparently a lot of time was required to produce a list of the ‘100 best’, but of particular interest to me, studying for a PhD in British Continue Reading →

Leslie William Spears: An Enquiry into the use of propaganda on the Home Front during World War Two with special reference to the role and effectiveness of the poster as a means of conveying Government policy

Original typescript, 1998. Dissertation (M.A.) – University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Division of History of Art and Design, 1998. No abstract. I attended some sessions at Winchester School of Art, with Brandon Taylor, re: Art & Propaganda, and Leslie was inspired to write this MA. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never had a chance to read it, maybe now I’m back in the area, I might find time! Second World War Posters Continue Reading →

Katrina Royall: ‘Posters of the Second World War: The Fourth Arm of Defence?’

Royall, K., ‘Posters of the Second World War: The Fourth Arm of Defence?’ MA Thesis, completed 1991. Westminster University Poster campaigns from the Second World War are a part of people’s collective memories. Frustrated by the lack of published information on the subject, this project investigates the British posters of the Second World War produced by the Ministry of Information and the response to them. In 2004 Royall was Course Administrator at the V&A. Second Continue Reading →

Poster Spotting on Dr Who

17th April 2010: “The Doctor is summoned to Blitz-torn London by Winston Churchill, and the Daleks are waiting for him!” Visit the BBC site. Interestingly, I didn’t recognise any of the posters, but the above is MOST DEFINITELY not a real wartime poster (here’s one of the real ones), interesting decision by the BBC not to use real posters! http://imdoctorwho.blogspot.com/2010/04/dalek-victory-poster.html http://lifetheuniverseandcombom.blogspot.com/2010/04/doctor-who-daleks-wwii-keep-calm.html Second World War Posters Mass Communications Academic, @MMUBS. British Home Front Propaganda posters as Continue Reading →

Posters of the Cold War

“The poster was a key medium in the Cold War, used to produce both fear and loyalty at home and abroad. “Posters of the Cold War” surveys poster design from the late 1940s when the ‘Iron Curtain’ was drawn across Europe to the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Featuring over seventy designs by some of the leading artists and graphic designers of the period including Pablo Picasso, Grapus Design Continue Reading →