[SPEAKER] Marketing the Gospel: Can you? Should you? #PremDac17 with @KelvinGolding @Nick_Myers and @KDADouglas

This was described as “Interactive panel discussion with four senior Christian marketers: Kelvin Golding, Nick Myers, Katrina Douglas & Bex Lewis.” I’m not sure the session was recorded, although there were plenty of interesting points raised that I would love to revisit (e.g. Nick referring to discomfort describing Jesus as a ‘product’). The questions that […]

[STORIFY] Tweets from #PremDac17 (Premier Digital Conference)

I’ve essentially collected most of my tweets, retweets and interactions from last Saturday (Featured image by Jez James Gondleton): Powered by Wakelet Powered by Wakelet

[SPEAKER] ‘Left to their own devices: children and mobile phones’ for #PremDac17

Today’s presentation at #PremDac17: ‘Left to their own devices’ for #PremDac17 from Bex Lewis

[MEDIA] Talking ‘Smartphones cause family row every single day in British homes, study finds’ with @PremierRadio

A new study by Common Sense Media, introduced as: The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Mobile Devices in the United Kingdom surveyed 1,200 U.K. parents and teens about their mobile device use and digital media habits. In addition to mobile devices being a daily source of distraction — and, at times, conflict — the results show […]

[CANCER] So, is it all over then? You’re all right now, then? #BreastCancer #OneYearOn

So, here we are, a year on from the official diagnosis of Breast Cancer (looking back at some lovely responses to the first tweet about it, although I’d already been quite overwhelmed by the ‘hugs’ etc via Facebook even earlier). I decided quite early on that I was going to use social media and blogging […]