2014 – Present: Facebook Content for Beyond Chocolate

Ensuring that appropriate content is pre-set for the Beyond Chocolate Facebook page, whilst others post live content.

2014: Children and Gaming (Guardians of Ancora)

Contracted to provide a number of short Q&As relevant to children’s use of the internet, drawing upon the expertise garnered in the writing of Raising Children in a Digital Age, along with new research.

2013: Digital Literacy with ODHE

A JISC-funded digital literacy project working with Organisational Developers in Higher Education group. See the end of project video.

2001 – Present: Websites/Blogs

See portfolio on Digital Fingerprint

2005: The Art of War (National Archives)

Contracted as an editorial consultant to write about 95% of the captions, and the group descriptions, for the illustrations and propaganda sections; the information on INF 3 and the Ministry of Information; much of the information on artists was taken from my website, plus I did further research, and wrote some of the entries.

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