[MEDIA] Could TikTok teens actually make a difference in elections? @GetTheFocus

I chatted to a journalist from The Focus last week: Dr Bex Lewis, an expert in digital marketing and digital culture at Manchester Metropolitan University, says that humour as a way of critiquing our elected officials, is a longstanding British tradition. The risk with these videos in particular, she said, is that humouring Boris Johnson […]

[MEDIA] Blog for @YouBelong_2019 on ‘Knowing God’ (and names)

I met Laura at the Premier Digital Conference 2019, and we got chatting. Earlier this year she sent me a list of questions, and (for once in my life) I didn’t overthink the answers. The response to the first question: 1) What is your name and what does it mean?  My name is Bex, short […]

[MEDIA] Quoted in @InspireStories re New @ChristianityUK Website

Excited to see the new Christian Enquiry Agency website go live – designed to think about the questions that people want to ask about Christianity, and providing readable and findable content: Our new website is live! Bursting with thought-provoking balance articles about the Christian faith, we will keep adding to it, but please take a […]

[MEDIA] How Video Games Can Be Harnessed for Worship by @GeekDadGamer in @Telegraph

If you’re near Exeter, look out for this event, on how video games can be harnessed for worship, with Andy Robertson aka @geekdadgamer – about which he has written more in the Telegraph today, and for which I contributed a small bit: This quote is from my article Social Media, Peer Surveillance, Spiritual Formation, and […]