Feedback Word Computer Keyboard Key OpinionI gain the majority of work through positive feedback from those that I’ve worked with, who recommend me to their friends and colleagues.

If I’ve done something for you that you’re pleased with, I’ve taught you, led you on a trip abroad, or you’ve heard me speak, please do submit a testimonial. If for any reason you weren’t pleased, please do contact me!


… relentlessly appreciative approach to the use of Social Media …

After attending one of your courses, I came away with a keen awareness of the enormous benefits to be gained from using social media as a vehicle for the mission of the church. In particular, I learned much from your relentlessly appreciative approach to the use of Social Media in a church context.

I am a member of the Communications Committee of the URC, and as such sat in on some of the drafting of the URC’s Social Media Policy. I was able to feed in some of your positive and appreciative approach, and I believe that this enabled a ‘change in the tone’, allowing the document to be more permission-giving and encouraging.

In addition, in my day-today work as a mission enabler, I am now far better equipped to work with congregations on their social media profile and skill development, thanks to your courses. I would encourage any church or denomination to seriously consider asking you help them develop their Social Media savvy, skills and understanding for the sake of God’s mission in their midst.

Kevin Snyman

Digital Mission at William Booth College

Dr Bex led a really stimulating, accessible and creative session in promoting healthy use of digital practices in mission. At William Booth College we are training the next generation of Salvation Army Officers. This session opened the conversation and gave guidance on considerations to bear in mind when using digital media. Thank-you.

Catherine Smith

She brings humour, passion and high level delivery

“Having worked with Bex across a number of projects I can highly recommend her for a number of skills. As a trainer, academic and practitioner she is a highly skilled professional who can deliver across ranges, to time and on budget. Highly valued by others and valuable to us, she brings humour, passion and high level delivery.”

Rev Arun Arora

Social Media and Ministry

Bex was really helpful to us. We’d gathered a group of people who were interested in social media and ministry who had a range of experience. Bex’s in-depth knowledge of social media and her passion for sharing meant that she was engaging for everyone – I suspect we were all challenged by the possibilities and the importance of being a part of the new space opened up by the web.

David Herbert

Fantastic evening

We asked Bex to come and present ‘Raising Children and Young People in a Digital Age’ evening for parents, grand-parents, youth workers, teachers, etc in Calderdale. The evening was an amazing resource and wealth of information and content. Bex spoke for over 2 hours and kept the audience’s interest throughout. There was time for informal discussion and question and answers throughout the evening. Many of the people I spoke to following the night talked about how the evening had made them feel more confident and less scared of social media. The church that hosted the event is to set up a group to look at how it can more effectively use its own social media. Employers from various departments of the local council attended the night and it is great that as a Christian organisation we could facilitate this up-skilling of local authority workers in this important area. Overall an excellent evening, well presented and left people with a lot to think about and work on.

Paul Blakey MBE

…she can tailor her teaching to any group.

Bex Lewis is that rare breed of academic who combines up-to-the-minute knowledge of her specialty with an ability to engage an audience with ease and communicate her ideas simply. Widely called on by the media, academia and conference organisers, she can tailor her teaching to any group. I highly recommend her.

Sheridan Voysey

…insight on a difficult and emotive subject…

Thank you so much for doing the series of interviews for BBC English Regions Faith and Ethics recently about child pornography.  We really appreciated your insight on a difficult and emotive subject and the way in which you explained a complex issue, and the issues around it, in such an accessible way.  

Hilary Robinson

…effective and engaging teacher…

Bex is an effective and engaging teacher with a deep understanding of her subject and a great ability to relate it to her audience and their concerns

Simon Bray
Ordinand, Cranmer Hall (Durham University)

…a dedicated professional who is passionate about technology-enhanced learning…

I have known Dr Bex Lewis for the past 5 years, whilst working for Jisc as a Senior co-design manager in the Student Experience team. Bex has been involved in a number of high profile Jisc initiatives all of which have and are having considerable sector impact. Bex has also presented and participated at a number of Jisc national conferences and events which has always resulted in great interest in her work.

The FASTECH project, which Bex worked on whilst at the University of Winchester, formed part of the Jisc –funded Assessment and Feedback Programme. This project received much interest from the wider community for its innovative approaches to assessment and feedback and led to other institutions modelling their approaches on this work. Bex has presented at national conferences around the work of this project and has proactively shared the learning from this work with the higher education community.

Bex also contributed to the Jisc Developing Digital Literacies programme through leading the Organisational Development in HE (ODHE) group project on this theme. This work has informed the development of a new programme of Jisc activity around developing digital capabilities.

Bex has regularly attended Jisc programme meetings and has been an active member of the Jisc Learning and Teaching Experts Group. Bex has made excellent presentations and contributions to these meetings sharing her work on digital parenting and how to effectively use social media for learning and teaching. In addition, Bex has been a valuable super delegate contributor to the 2010 and 2011 internationally acclaimed Jisc Online Conferences.

Bex is a dedicated professional who is passionate about technology-enhanced learning and has experience of working both locally, regionally and nationally on technology related initiatives, whilst keeping sound pedagogy at the heart of what she is doing. Through her exemplary use of social media Bex has made valuable contributions to the technology-enhanced learning community. She is proactive in ensuring information and reflections are shared and disseminated enabling others to benefit more widely.

Sarah Knight

…soooo many as yet untapped opportunities…

It was a brilliant session, thank you Bex. My head is spinning now though, lots to process and to think about and yes, soooo many as yet untapped opportunities through social media

Julie Siddiqi

I used to work for Bex…

…and as a line manager, she was gracious and tremendously encouraging. Even though her brilliant mind generates more ideas than anyone can keep track of, her ears are always open to the ideas of others. A heartfelt thanks to a fun and visionary “boss”!

Andrew Byers

…encouraging and constructive in her feedback…

Bex was my dissertation supervisor. With her expertise in social media she helped to direct me in the way of useful and relevant reading. Bex was very encouraging and constructive in her feedback. Most of all a pleasure to work with.

Jo Brown
Minister of Religion

Professional and fabulous!

Bex delivered two training days in the Diocese of York in the autumn of 2014. She encouraged members of churches to engage with mission and ministry via social media, and her passion and enthusiasm was infectious!

Eleanor Course

Bex has made our Facebook page come alive!

Bex has been responsible for curating content on our Facebook page for the last year and has done an amazing job, both in increasing page likes and engagement with our existing community. She chooses interesting, relevant and informative links to share and always finds the right comment to accompany and personalise her posts, making them particularly pertinent to our core message. It is a pleasure working with Bex, she is reliable, constant and pro-active. As a small business we really appreciate being able to entrust our Facebook presence to someone who knows what they are doing and can get on with the job. Highly recommended!

Audrey Boss

….stimulating, thoughtful, friendly and at the cutting edge of her interdisciplinary field…

I worked with Bex Lewis in our Learning and Teaching Development Unit at Winchester from the late noughties until she went to Durham University. Bex is passionate about all things digital, all things media, and all things theological. She has an impressive, wide-ranging and contemporary grasp of developments in these areas, which is grounded by her PhD which is in history! Bex is a thinking person’s digital expert, who on the one hand displays and shares her ease with technology, while on the other is a critical user of digital media. I found in Bex a colleague who was stimulating, thoughtful, friendly and at the cutting edge of her interdisciplinary field. She is a very special person who has a lot to offer the right organisation. I’m thrilled that her book about parenting in a digital age is flying off the shelves because it has struck a balanced note for parents Her book sums it up for me – Bex is able to translate complex ideas into a seemingly effortless read. I saw a similar pattern of her taking a dull media studies module and transforming it into one of the most exciting, challenging and yet accessible social media modules in the portfolio. . .

Dr Tansy Jessop

…her practical tips in response to questions was empowering and confidence building…

Saturday’s training really was a useful and enjoyable day! It included lots of engaging discussion and was good in both theoretically (and theologically!) grounding us in the relevance and importance of social media, yet with balanced consideration of the drawbacks/negative temptations etc. social media technology can bring. Bex is clearly erudite & experienced in this area. She was so very relatable and entirely open which made me feel confident in asking (what to her may well be tres basic!) questions and her practical tips in response to questions was empowering and confidence building. For those who want a chilled professional, Dr Bex is your gal!

Natalia Lester-Bush

…gifted communicator, in person, online and in print…

Bex Lewis is a gifted communicator, in person, online and in print. Her knowledge of the opportunities and challenges regarding young people and the Internet is outstanding. She raises this awareness in ways which parents, youth practitioners and youth theorists can understand and which lend themselves to creating safe strategies for internet use.

Rev Mary Hawes

…understood how an effective digital culture must be fostered in a variety of ways…

I worked with Bex for several years at the University of Winchester, collaborating on the introduction of digital technologies for learning. We made several joint conference presentations and published on our work.

Bex brought great enthusiasm, commitment and effort to this project. Her background as a researcher and a lecturer meant that she was well aware of and sympathetic to the issues that confront lecturers right across the discipline spectrum in introducing technology. She applied her extensive experience and wide range of skills to delivering courses herself and to helping others make effective use of the technology. She did this without overwhelming people with technical details. She understood how an effective digital culture must be fostered in a variety of ways – at institutional and departmental levels. One of her main interests was the promotion of the use of some of the multifarious social media applications within higher education.

Since leaving Winchester she has developed a national profile, being frequently sought as a speaker and author. I am sure she would be a major asset to any university where she was a Senior Fellow in Technology Enhanced Learning.

David Rush

…expert in her fields – and a pleasure to work with…

Bex is a driven expert in her fields – and a pleasure to work with. At LST we ran a series of joint events both live and streaming online, and I look forward to working with Bex again in the future!

Matt Adcock

…one of the most productive people I have ever worked with…

I have worked with Bex as a colleague and also been supervised by her in an academic context for a BA dissertation.

Bex is a cheerful, committed colleague who is always bursting with ideas. Bex works really well in a team environment and enjoys bouncing ideas off others but also encouraging others to achieve their potential.

She is highly organised and is one of the most productive people I have ever worked with – able both to manage conflicting priorities and meet her deadlines.

Academically Bex was a helpful supervisor, providing an excellent balance of insight, critique and encouragement which enabled me to produce a high standard of dissertation.

I have no hesitation in recommending her. Bex is highly skilled, able to adapt quickly and learn new things and is a pleasure to work with.

Rev Bryony Taylor

… training was vibrant and fast paced…

The Digital team noted that conversation was buzzing immediately after the session, and that conversation, planning and action have continued after the workshop.

Some selected feedback from 20+ delegates at this morning-only overview of social media, followed by an opportunity for 1-2-1s:

  • Very interesting to learn about all the platforms available and how they can be used.
  • Overview of Twitter was very helpful. Good to get brief explanation of all types of social media. Good to hear everyone’s views on pros and cons of social media.
  • Conceptual basis of social media approach was very useful. Concrete guidance/ideas on how to use social media. Up to date information and stats. Great youth focus.
  • The practical applications of Social Media were explained and the use of Social Media as a tool for Trefoil Guild could clearly be seen through the examples given.
  • Stats on who uses what and why. All the different strands of social media and how they interact with each other.
  • I think the psychological aspects of member’s and unit’s behaviours online was fascinating and also to hear internal staff members giving feedback on our current platforms.
  • I think the training was vibrant and fast paced, there was even an opportunity to have a one on one session later in the day relating specifically to [my work].
  • Would have loved more time to go into more depth on the material, more time to discuss, process and undertake more activities.
  • I will stop being so cautious around social media, dismissing social media as leaders are clearly using it, or thinking social media is a waste of time (personally).
  • I am going to look at how I can use social media more to engage with leaders and girls, and talk to Digital about how we can do more.
Girlguiding Headquarters

We had positive feedback from everyone who attended …

We had a great session about Social Media Strategy. Bex made everything easy to understand with clear direction on social media ‘dos and don’ts’.  It was fun and informative and we all took a lot away from it. We had positive feedback from everyone who attended, and all are now busy tweeting away and working towards getting the best from their facebook accounts!

Emma Craig

… It was really inspiring

Just to say thank you for the “social media for the scared” yesterday. It was really inspiring. I came home and signed up for Facebook, I am now lurking on Twitter and have been having fun with Prezi… next week the blog!

Rev'd Mandy Ford

I found the sessions informative, accessible and directly relevant to my needs.

I’ve been to two of Bex’s sessions (the ones on the use of Facebook and Twitter for academic purposes), and they have inspired me to experiment with social media in communicating with trainees and supporting them. I found the sessions informative, accessible and directly relevant to my needs. Bex was flexible to the needs of the group members, and adapted the material to our particular teaching contexts. Outside the sessions, Bex has been available to answer questions by email, and I have found the on-line resources a good source of follow-up, which I have gone back to many times(!) in setting up my own resources. I’m already signed up for a session on Survey Monkey!

Dr Samantha Scallan

You have given me inspiration and confidence…

A range of feedback from all delegates, including “You have given me inspiration and confidence to finally embrace social media and that wasn’t something I thought I’d be saying any time soon!”

Workshop Delegates

Thorough, determined and energetic…

Thorough, determined and energetic, Bex works tirelessly to ensure any project she is involved with is completed to the highest standards. I enjoyed my time working alongside her in managing various large international conferences and strongly recommend her.

Karl Buxton

She works with passion and professionalism…

Bex took the seed of an idea – BigRead2010 – and expanded it into a successful, snazzy website which looks good and attracted lots of people.  Her work is reliable and she integrates lots of other people very well.  She works with passion and professionalism.  Bex is a social media whizz.  She knows her stuff and puts it into practice on her sites. Great work!

Rev Dr Pete Phillips

… This really kick-started our social media presence

Bex was a great example of good project management – taking an incoherent brief and shaping it into a proposal, liaising effectively with all interests to deliver a quality result and then training us in the ongoing administration of our website. This really kick-started our social media presence.

Tim Herbert

…looking like a breath of fresh air has been blown into them…

The learning pages on the Portal are looking like a breath of fresh air has been blown into them and the feedback so far has been very positive both in terms of functionality and looks. We (in the Learning and Teaching Development Unit) are very pleased with its new look and intuitive layout.

Yaz El-Hakim

… designer and implementer of a pioneering website…

Dr Bex Lewis was the designer and implementer of a pioneering website at the university which aimed to support lecturers in teaching about web design. This was at a time when web sites were put together hurriedly with many basic mistakes. That website is still available and and stands up remarkably well, giving sound advice. Would that more web designers would take the time to look at it.

Dr David Rush

…her strong academic background and awareness of quality sources of information

Dr Bex Lewis has excellent skills as a web designer. She took a tired and worn out website which I had established years back and she refreshed it, not just in design, but by successfully adding to its content, something which I think comes naturally from her strong academic background and awareness of quality sources of information. I really recommend her to anyone seeking the same.

Alasdair Spark

…take a brief from a total web site novice and make sense of it…

What impressed me most about Bex’s work was her ability to take a brief from a total web site novice and make sense of it and produce in a rapid time a site that more than met my expectations. Very well laid out with imaginative links from what have been an unpromising brief!

David Chalk

Some of these testimonials have been taken from LinkedIn.

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  1. I’m so thankful to Bex for illuminating the digital world in such a helpful way. Her insights and facilitation skills enabled our group to grapple with this topic in many different contexts.

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