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Raising Children in a Digital Age was published in February 2014 (book launch 1; book launch 2): as always, there are lots of people who stand behind the author of a book!

The book went to reprint in June 2014, and has reached positions of at least 962 of all print books sold on, and 652 of all Kindle books – typically around Safer Internet Day, and it has also been confirmed that it is to be translated into Italian and Chinese.

Back Cover for Raising Children in a Digital Age 

Digital technology, social media and online gaming are now a universal part of childhood. But are you worried about what your children might be doing online? What they might come across by accident? Or who might try to contact them through Facebook or Twitter?

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, or youth leader, you will want children to get the most out of new technology. But how do you tread the tightrope of keeping them safe online, whilst enabling them to seize and benefit from the wealth of opportunities on offer?

Bex Lewis, an expert in social media and digital innovation, has written a much-needed and timely book full of sound research, practical tips, and realistic advice on how to keep children safe online. She puts the Internet scare stories and distorted statistics into context and offers clear and sensible guidelines to help children thrive in the digital jungle.

Raising Children in a Digital Age is also available in Kindle format.

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“A refreshingly direct and thoughtful guide for parents who want to understand their kids’ digital world but don’t want to be patronised. Up to date and evidence-based, this book walks a finely-judged line between inviting parents to get involved and trusting kids to be sensible, by suggesting constructive ways for parents to talk to and also learn from their children.” Sonia Livingstone, author of “Children and the Internet”, LSE.

“I am delighted to see this book pulling together the many strands of work which are designed to help parents, carers, children and young people navigate the on-line world. Bex is clearly passionate about helping people engage with the digital world in a positive way, and this comes through in the simple discussion pointers in each chapter. Too often a lack of understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by technological change becomes an excuse for no engagement; Bex points out that this is wrong and that opportunities to engage in really good communication come from getting to grips with this new environment. She sets out some great ways to achieve this.” Reg Bailey, Mother’s Union


There have also been many related speaking engagements, and media coverage, and an invitation to become part of the iRights coalition.

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