[MEDIA] Talking about #FactCheckUK with @UCBNewsTeam for #GE2019

Earlier today I had a conversation with the news team for UCB radio, and manage to capture this snippet used this evening (the rest will follow later, as we talked more generally about social media/the election): I'm keeping tabs on some interesting links on Wakelet. Interestingly the parody account for Boris Johnson was right on top of it, demonstrating just how quickly the internet can respond:

[MEDIA] How Video Games Can Be Harnessed for Worship by @GeekDadGamer in @Telegraph

If you're near Exeter, look out for this event, on how video games can be harnessed for worship, with Andy Robertson aka @geekdadgamer - about which he has written more in the Telegraph today, and for which I contributed a small bit: This quote is from my article Social Media, Peer Surveillance, Spiritual Formation, and Mission: Practising ChristianFaith in a Surveilled Public SpaceĀ in Surveillance and Society Journal, which I mentioned to Andy in a conversation.

[MEDIA] ‘We need to stop demonising online communities’, with @PremierRadio

'Dr Lewis said the Church can model healthy and diverse communities, as they give us the opportunity to connect with people from all different perspectives and backgrounds, which we can then apply to our online conversations. "I think one of the things that can happen with social media is you end up connecting with only the people who think like you and you have to make a real effort to do that differently. So actually,…

[MEDIA] What should happen to our online selves when we die? from @LifeSearch for @UCBNewsTeam

LifeSearch (a life insurance company) have posted the results of a new study that they have done, into how prepared people are in managing their digital assets/social media after death, and found that a large number of users want their data cleared automatically on death, whilst others want to hold onto e.g. e-books/music, and photographs for the benefit of others post death: Currently, when a person passes away, loved ones face substantial paperwork to deactivate…
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