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Material that follows refers to my academic writing. Any other writing I have been commissioned to write, or quoted in, can be found on my Press page.

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My work has been referenced in the following (known) texts, see also Google citation index:

  • Barter Books History of Keep Calm (references my undergraduate dissertation as the origin of the Keep Calm Story)
  • Wang, S., and Schwarz, W.H.E., “Icon of Chemistry: The Periodic System of Chemical Elements in the New Century”, in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 2–14. See footnote 27.
  • Sladen, C., ‘Wartime Holidays and the ‘Myth of the Blitz” in Cultural and Social History (2005: 2). See p.224
  • Sladen, C., ‘Don’t panic!’ in Oxford Magazine, No. 231, 4th Week, Michaelmas Term, 2004, See pp.3-4
  • Sladen, C. ‘Holidays at Home in the Second World War’ in Journal of Contemporary History Vol. 37 Issue 01 (1 January 2002). See p.68
  • Aulich, J., War Posters: Weapons of Mass Communication, 2007 (Imperial War Museum/Thames & Hudson) as a ‘Useful Website’.


‘The Planning, Design and Reception of British Home Front Propaganda Posters of the Second World War’, University of Winchester, June 2004. (Passed without corrections. Examiners Lord Asa Briggs, Dr Adrian Smith).

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