soc-med-in-soc-research‘Researching Christianity in a Digital Age’

Book: Social Media in Social Research: Blogs on Blurring the Boundaries
Editor: Kandy Woodfield
Publisher: NatCen Social Research
Date: 2014
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Social Media in Social Research: Blogs on Blurring the Boundaries, is a collection of blogs drawing together the experiences and expertise of over 50 contributors and members of the New Social Media, New Social Science? online community.

The book covers a researcher’s journey from scoping phases to dissemination, demonstrating how new forms of data produced by social media can be integrated into a researcher’s toolkit. Titles include Dislike This: Facebook’s experimental ethics, 10 things survey researchers should know about Twitter and Blogging research projects, a good idea in principle…

Blog authors range from experts in social media research to newcomers to the field. Expert blog authors include Joe Murphy, RTI International Survey Methodologist; Deborah Lupton, Australian sociologist and professor; and Carl Miller, co-founder and Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos.

With over 600 registered members, and over 2,500 twitter followers from around the world, the New Social Media, New Social Science? network brings together academics, researchers and research stakeholders to explore questions posed by the increasing use of social media platforms and data in social science research.