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The Financial Times described the first Raising Children in a Digital Age as ‘sensible’ in a sea of scare stories, whilst a 14 year old, initially scathing at the idea that her mum would learn anything, read it and said ‘oh, she knows what she’s talking about’. Individuals at conferences have come up to me and said it has changed the conversation with their children, whilst youth leaders have said that my work has shaped youth ministry around digital over the past few years. The sales figures have been strong, and Bex continues to be called on by the media (Christian and national) on the topic of children and the internet (within her wider interests in the digital environment as a whole), and the book features on most Christian event bookstalls as well as wider readership.

In terms of material looking a ‘digital’, a book dated 2014 is ‘prehistoric’: the book was written on principles so that it should be relatively straightforward to reuse a lot of the information, update the case studies, and incorporate new themes that have featured in the public discourse around children and the internet since 2014.

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