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Book: Pastoral Challenges and Concerns: A Christian Handbook for Leaders
Editor(s) Brendan Geary and Jocelyn Bryan
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew (2nd Edition)
Date: Autumn 2018
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Pastoral Challenges and Concerns deals with issues of abuse, addiction and difficult behaviour and is a timely revision and expansion of The Christian Handbook of Abuse, Addiction and Difficult Behaviour, which was published by Kevin Mayhew nine years ago.

Each subject is treated by an expert using language that is immediately understood by the non-expert reader. This new edition has enabled the authors and editors to bring their contributions right up-to-date, where appropriate with research that has taken place since the first edition.

Pastoral Challenges and Concerns is for everyone involved in pastoral, managerial, educational and professional work, including clergy, teachers, youth workers, doctors and other health practitioners.

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