[EVENT] #MPAThrive – A day for Manchester industries looking at developing good working cultures

Yesterday I attended (part of) the MPA Thrive event, which was a really interesting collection of talks about understanding business (and individual) brand, values and culture, in order to seek to develop businesses which have a strong working culture, which benefits staff - and therefore benefits the business. Thanks to Manchester Met for providing some of us some tickets. I collected the tweets here:

[SPEAKER] #HonestTalks with @FourthDayPR re ‘Social Media in the Workplace’

Objective: To discuss what businesses, brands and people serve to get out of today’s social media, including a look at: personal vs professional social media accounts – are we the same person? employee wellbeing and being constantly switched on is social media right for all brands? what value can social have for different industries and sectors? authenticity – are we all just striving to be a Buzzfeed / LADbible? <Edit: 26 June> #HonestTalks panellist @drbexl,…
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