Challenge and Inspiration: #GWLOct15

Gathering of Women Leaders started very small back in 2012 (here’s the original ideas – PDF) – I first visited one in 2013, and have endeavoured to make it to at least one every year (there have been three, next year there will be two), despite living a long way out Continue Reading →

Recent Events

In recent weeks, I’ve been to a handful of events, and here’s some Epilogger logs from events: 11/10/14 Gathering of Women Leaders 12/10/14 Observer Ideas 15/10/14 Church and Media Network (which meant I was unable to attend #DHDurham) 17/10/14: CILIP Durham Like it? Share it…

One of my favourite talks from #TDC13, from @aral: Superheroes & Villains in Design

Thinking Digital, such a good conference (dates for 2014 already up). I have much to learn from this, and something want I’ve been seeking to put into place on this blog, my personal blog, and next .. @bigbible! Aral Balkan: Superheroes & Villains in Design from Thinking Digital on Vimeo. Continue Reading →

Learning Through Engagement with the Conference #JISCEL12

Last week I attended the JISC ‘Innovating Learning’ online conference – here’s a blog post I wrote for ‘Letters from the Edge’ – the conference blog: This is a post, as with my ‘live’ blog posts, written as an ‘on the spot reflection’ rather than an agonised-over academic piece! Over Continue Reading →

Lifelong learning in a digital age: New audiences, new needs, new approaches #JISCEL12

Marion Manton, Oxford    4 years – every programme uses technology in some way, but in very different ways – the magic words ‘efficiency gain’. A weekend/few days of study a few days a term, rather than having to come to Oxford every week. Opened up the study wider. Oxford Continue Reading →