[EVENT] Picking the ideas for @ChurchofEngland at #CofELabs

So, yesterday, I really enjoyed attending the Church of England ‘Live Labs’ digital sprint. Last year was the first year that the Church of England digital team (first formed in 2016) tried this, and they gave everyone attending an open brief to come up with an idea that the Church of England could use… this […]

[EVENT] The Premier Digital Conference and Awards #PremDac18

It was a great day at the Premier Digital Conference and Awards. The conference started in 2010, and I’ve been involved ever since. I collected together all 213 of my tweets here (there was loads of other great tweets, but not even sure anyone’s going to go back through 200, so…!):

[WAKELET Collection] #CofELabs Collected Tweets

On Saturday the Church of England ran an all-day Hackathon, with ‘techies and creatives’ considering options that the Church of England could support, utilising digital to underpin the core purpose of church – faith, discipleship, etc. The unsorted tweets are collected here (500ish tweets).

[WEBINAR] on Digital Health with @DigiHealthGen

This evening I joined a webinar on ‘Digital Health’ from a Wellcome funded project. Here are my rough notes from the session:   Young people are Uusing the internet to check out symptoms, working out what can/can’t do, rather than going to the GP. Wellcome Trust project – just starting – re digital health generation. Emma […]

[MEDIA] Talking Google Home and Jesus Christ with @PremierRadio

I got a call from Premier Radio this morning, asking if I’d seen the stories that Google Home doesn’t know who Jesus is, but does know who Buddha, Mohammed are, etc. I had quick trawl around the internet, and a bit of Facebook conversation (only visible to ‘friends’), this video demonstrates it quite well: That […]