[ONLINE] Digital Church Seminar

I have been invited, by the Diocese of Leicester, to join a panel alongside Rev Pam Smith, and Rev Dr Pete Phillips, to discuss Hybrid Church. It's not open to others outside the diocese.

#EmptyShelf20: October

I've been doing a lot of stuff for METUP-UK this month, slept a lot, and played with 'Colour By Numbers' so not read a great deal - these 4 short texts worth a read though: Youth Ministry Online: Using Social Media Platforms by Tim Gough My rating: 5 of 5 stars Another short text, worth a read. Tim has years of experience working with youth, online and offline,a and has plenty of good thoughts for…

[SPEAKER] ‘Building a Presence Online’ for The International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education

I was invited to present for the Australian segment of The International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education online event (their in-person conference intended to be in Sheffield this summer has obviously been postponed til next week). As this was the evening after treatment, and would have been 'strange'o'clock', we did a pre-record at the end of last week. I spoke to Jay Robinson around this presentation, with a few Q&A afterwards. Building a Presence…
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