[SPEAKER] Faith in a Digital Age @DallasSeminary

I’ve been invited by John Dyer to engage a small group of doctoral students at Dallas Theological Seminary with some insights into faith in a digital age, including some insights into the UK experience, and some of my experiences with cancer/faith/digital: Faith in a digital age: Dallas Theological Seminary from Bex Lewis

#EmptyShelf20: October

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for METUP-UK this month, slept a lot, and played with ‘Colour By Numbers’ so not read a great deal – these 4 short texts worth a read though: Youth Ministry Online: Using Social Media Platforms by Tim Gough My rating: 5 of 5 stars Another short text, worth […]

[SPEAKER] Online Church as Real Community with @premierdigi

I have just finished a webinar session within Premier Digital’s webinar series and I love to share slides, so that people can listen and not scribble (if they wish): Premier Digital: Online Church as Real Community from Bex Lewis See more from the original event advert.