[MEDIA] What should happen to our online selves when we die? from @LifeSearch for @UCBNewsTeam

LifeSearch (a life insurance company) have posted the results of a new study that they have done, into how prepared people are in managing their digital assets/social media after death, and found that a large number of users want their data cleared automatically on death, whilst others want to hold onto e.g. e-books/music, and photographs for the benefit of others post death: Currently, when a person passes away, loved ones face substantial paperwork to deactivate…

[SPEAKER] Engaging with #ExploringBelief for Religion in the Media Festival

I was originally invited to participate in the 'digital religion' panel for this event (a little confused about what happened - as you'll see from my tweets I had a lot to say). However, got to meet up with some friends old and new at the end event, and was available for 1-2-1s with those who wanted them. Was some high profile interesting speakers - see more on this collection of tweets:

[EVENT] Picking the ideas for @ChurchofEngland at #CofELabs

So, yesterday, I really enjoyed attending the Church of England 'Live Labs' digital sprint. Last year was the first year that the Church of England digital team (first formed in 2016) tried this, and they gave everyone attending an open brief to come up with an idea that the Church of England could use... this resulted in some grand ideas, and also two very useable ideas that the church has taken up in the past…

[MANCHESTER] Labs Live with @ChurchofEngland #CofELabs

Church of England Digital Labs aims to gather together the many Christian coders, creatives and techies who have the skills and passion for using technology to aid the church.... I've been invited to help contribute, so expect more information to come.
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