[ACHIEVEMENT] Orange Belt #Karate

Apparently the next Kata I have to learn is: … although I’d be very surprised if I managed to finish it before my gym membership expires 9th August! We’re an offshoot of Newton Aycliffe Karate Club.

Karate Grading

I’m not sure I’m ready, but having a go at Karate grading to Orange belt today, which means need to remember these (along with other moves) – these are quite useful as they give the names of the moves too, which still grasping to get hold of! Pinan Nidan Pinan Shodan

Karate: Pinan Shodan

Just before Christmas I passed my yellow belt grading, and picked it up this morning. I still need to remember Pinan Nidan, but the next one that I need to learn I started on today:

I know Karate….

Apparently … enough to get my yellow belt this morning in Wado Karate. Here’s the syllabus (along with Pinan Nidan):   Been going for a while at Bannatynes – because I enjoy it – although I’m away so much I keep missing weeks and lots to try and remember! Went this morning for the fun/exercise […]