[LIFE] Doing up the house

Cancer, generally, has been a horrific experience,  but one thing it has given a bit of breathing space for is largely completing my house makeover. I moved in Easter 2016 (and almost immediately bought the freehold!), and had just completed my own bedroom 2 weeks before my cancer diagnosis – and everything else has been […]

Happy Christmas 2020, and here’s to 2021

What do you write for Christmas 2020 – it’s been a strange year hasn’t it … all those plans I (and many others) blogged about in expectation of 2020, COVID19 has knocked many people off their feet … and then cancer truly came back in summer 2020 to knock me further off my feet! I […]

[LIFE/CANCER] 8 Weeks in New Zealand

So, what do you say, nearly 8 weeks into a trip that you dreamed of for about 8 years … and officially coming into the last week of the planned trip – and coronavirus has completely upended everything you were trying to do! I last blogged a couple of weeks ago, when New Zealand was […]