[CANCER] What’s going on – it’s all going on!

When I first started this ‘cancer journey’ (what a horrible term), Andrew Graystone said to me, you describe yourself as a life explorer, just here there’s another aspect of life (albeit unwanted)… and that’s how I’ve tried to live with this cancer … but sometimes it’s flipping hard work. Super thankful that Andrew and Jane […]

[CANCER] Lymphoedema Appointment

So, this morning it was time for another appointment, this time to sort out my lymphedema/lymphoedema (apparently the first is America, the second the English spelling – my phone as decided it recognises the former!):   View this post on Instagram   It’s #waitingroomfeet to sort the Lymphedema … A post shared by Bex Lewis (@drbexl) […]

[CANCER] Developing Lymphoedema/Lymphedema

So, all our bodies have a lymphatic system, draining all ‘the nasties’ out: 5/32 of my lymph nodes, however, were already infected with cancer at my mastectomy, so they removed all of the ones on my left side (leaving no lymphatic system on that side). This left me at a 25-30% risk of developing lymphoedema […]