[CANCER] Get the Activity In: #PokemonGo Walks #BreastCancer

In July 2016, I blogged about Pokemon Go, how I’d been learning to play it, and how I could see the potential for churches, and wider society. I felt that I’d just been experimenting with it to see if I could see the potential, and having “never been a gamer”, didn’t expect to keep playing […]

[LIFE/CANCER] Going to PARiS with @lifeleisureUK #NationalFitnessDay

This was my face this morning, after an ‘early start’ for a re-induction to the gym, which involved 4 mins on the treadmill, 3 mins on the bike, 2 mins on the hand-bike, 15 squats, 30 step-ups, 15 wall-press-ups, 15 lat-pull-downs on a light weight + stretches:   View this post on Instagram   So […]

[LIFE] Much walking with #BeeintheCity

Back in July, I found my first #BeeintheCity, outside work (Manchester Metropolitan University):   View this post on Instagram   Well. I remembered to come and look at my first #beeinthecity ‘To Bee or not to Bee ?’ A post shared by Bex Lewis (@drbexl) on Jul 24, 2018 at 11:10am PDT I remember once […]

[TOOLBOX] Speedo Fit

So, gradually thinking about some of the apps that I have on my phone… some very ‘quick & dirty’ reviews of what they are and where they get used. The ‘Speedo app‘ has been available for quite some time (originally under another name, but I can’t remember what)! I remember adding it to my iPad, […]