[CANCER] Yes, It’s Back Again :-(

Well, so much for getting at least 2 years, and hopefully 5 years on Herceptin and Perjeta. Apparently the cancer is back – and this time it’s in my sternum and chest lymph nodes – to be honest I haven’t got loads of information in my head as, after the clear bloods/X-Ray scan from New […]

[CANCER] It was another #waitingroomfeet morning

It was an early morning in Department 38 at the Christie (8.45am), and I was there ready for a MRI scan, including that mask that was made on Monday, to help get measurements for the stereotactic radiotherapy. Radiographer from Salford Royal was there, and we had a chat before the Christie radiographer came through (I’m […]

[CANCER] Undergoing a full body scan for Spinal Metastatic Breast Cancer

At the base of my post the other day, I said that I will definitely be having stereotactic radiotherapy, assuming that a full body scan confirms the size of my tumour, and that there are non anywhere else (they have done a lot of scans, so I don’t think they’ll be expecting to find anything […]

[CANCER] Scanxiety and #BreastCancer

It’s not an official medical term, but “Scanxiety is cancer patients’ fear and worry associated with imaging, both before and after a test (before the results are revealed).” In early-stage patients who are successfully treated and have no evidence of disease, the underlying fear is about cancer returning and the dreaded implications. In metastatic patients, […]