Happy Christmas 2020, and here’s to 2021

What do you write for Christmas 2020 – it’s been a strange year hasn’t it … all those plans I (and many others) blogged about in expectation of 2020, COVID19 has knocked many people off their feet … and then cancer truly came back in summer 2020 to knock me further off my feet! I […]

Happy Christmas 2017, and Happy New Year 2018

As you may know, this Christmas is going to be a very odd one for me. I have my second chemotherapy on 22nd December, which means I’ll spend Christmas either high on steroids, or feeling nauseas once they’ve worn off. I’ve got some offers of places to go in Manchester if I feel up to […]


So … it’s nearly the end of 2016! Hurrah, say many of you! So, it’s time for my e-Christmas card! For the first time this year, alongside Advent material from Brian Draper and Embrace the Middle East, I’ve decided to do a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar‘, either to go to Trussell Trust, or a local charity […]

Happy Christmas 2015

After so many dead robins appearing in my newsfeed, I thought I’d add a live one! My online Christmas card may be less effortful than last year – but here’s a few pics that I’ve enjoyed seeing appear in my newsfeed (with some random bits of news from me) to wish you a Happy Christmas […]

HAPPY CHRISTMAS #ChristmasStarts

Happy Christmas to one and all, thought you’d enjoy this festive scene:  I thought this stable was a little bare, so I added a donkey to it, and ‘the means‘ to help make another cow (using ££ I might otherwise have spent on cards/stamps)! Resulting from a number of reasons (broke-ness, being abroad for several […]