[SPEAKER] Interview with @VaughanParkChapel on Instagram

Normally, with the Vaughan Park scholarship, a public lecture happens towards the end of the scholarship. Obviously, this has not been the scholarship as planned, but one of the things that has happened is that have helped Sapati get going with an Instagram account for Vaughan Park Chapel – and we decided that we’d do […]

[LIFE/CANCER] 8 Weeks in New Zealand

So, what do you say, nearly 8 weeks into a trip that you dreamed of for about 8 years … and officially coming into the last week of the planned trip – and coronavirus has completely upended everything you were trying to do! I last blogged a couple of weeks ago, when New Zealand was […]

[LIFE/CANCER] 6 Weeks in New Zealand

So, we’re over 2 weeks into lockdown in New Zealand (and since I last wrote). I don’t know about you, but I’m still feeling so tired and weighed down…. I feel super grateful that I’m safe, looked after, and it looks like I can get all my meds here (even if I have to pay […]

[MEDIA] Talking to Graeme on Coast Access Radio #NewZealand

Late last week I spoke to Graeme Joyes on Coast Access Radio (I think it was Friday morning!) about my research, what I’m doing in New Zealand, and of course a bit of COVID19 came in there (we chatted for 38 mins): Coast Access Radio Website // Facebook