[MEDIA] Talking about WhatsApp Message Forwarding Limit @BBCWorldService

Yesterday, just a couple of hours after finding out I may have to have chemo again (not what I wanted to hear), I spoke to BBC World Service about WhatsApp limiting forwarding of messages I’ve had other things on my mind this week, and was asked questions about Zimbabwe which I’d missed. The programme was […]

[MEDIA] Talking #ScrollFreeSeptember (@R_S_P_H) with @BBCBreakfast #BBCBreakfast

NOTE: There are two clips within this post, one from 7.20am, one from 9.40am. In May 2017, the Royal Society for Public Health produced a report #StateofMind looking at the correlation (though not necessarily causation) between young people’s social media use and mental health/wellbeing. The key findings were: 91% of 16-24 year olds use the internet for […]