Is a #DigitalDetox a useful idea? #DigitalParenting #PremDac16

Is a #DigitalDetox a useful idea? #DigitalParenting #PremDac16

I’ve always had an interest in positive engagement with digital, and that includes the wisdom in what to share, what to engage in, and when to take time out… we should be ‘masters’ of our machines, and not the other way around. I’ve spoken at a number of (Christian) events about this, including back in 2014 at the Premier Digital Conference:

So I was interested to see that #DigitalDetox is trending on Twitter today, after OfCom released their Communications Market Report today, a story that has been picked up by the BBC, alongside other news/digital outlets. I thought I’d share with you an extract from my 2014 book, Raising Children in a Digital Age, related to this topic (see pp.180-181):
There’s plenty to think about in relation to our engagement with technology, and we continue to learn!

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