University Websites?

Do universities need to work harder on their websites? Universities’ messages were clear and lacked jargon, but they were often unfocused and hard to find, said Jim Bodoh, a brand consultant at Radley Yeldar who led the study. Institutions also did little to explain what they offer or substantiate their claims, he added. “The best […]

Memory Failure Detected @timeshighered

A coalition of the willing is battling legal, logistical and technical obstacles to archive the riches of the mercurial World Wide Web for the benefit of future scholars. ZoĆ« Corbyn reports It is 2031 and a researcher wants to study what London’s bloggers were saying about the riots taking place in their city in 2011. […]

Deciphering the Code (@timeshighered)

“This week’s A-level results may lead to the keenest clearing rush yet. But do universities’ websites tell prospective students what they need to know, Hannah Fearn asks a panel of sixth-formers. Most university websites don’t show you information you want to know, they just show you the information that they want you to know. That’s […]

MyDesigna (2001-2009)

As I have built up my web design skills, I thought it was worth building up a portfolio of work, attracting attention from those who will be interested in my skills, particularly my content writing and information architecture skills, once the the PhD was completed.I wanted something contemporary and clean looking, whilst providing useful information. […]