How did the social media world react to the #RoyalWedding?

Did you get involved with the Royal Wedding? I saw a lot of people who had avowed that they weren’t going to get involved, vigorously tweeting & Facebooking about the event, and I watched much more of it than I anticipated, and went to a garden party in the afternoon! The social media available was […]

Can you stop for 2 minutes?

In a world in which there seems to be no time to stop, and in which computers are often blamed for this, the following app has been created by Alex Tew (the man behind the Million Dollar homepage), which I picked up from Psychologies Magazine: Try it for yourself here.

ARE you in need of "BlackBerry" Botox?

The latest finding from beauty experts is that squinting for hours at a smartphone causes premature frown lines. It seems e-addiction is now damaging our bodies as well as our minds. We live in an “always-on” culture and that means relying on iPhones and BlackBerries to enable us to communicate and compete. But the Stress […]

Facebook Obsession? #Infographic

Find the original infographic at Online Schools, which demonstrates just how much time people are spending on Facebook, and therefore (as if we didn’t already know), makes us realise how seriously we need to take it as a platform for conversations and messages we might be working with!