I created my first website in 1997, which was a mix of a personal homesite and information from the PhD that I’d then started, moved on to learn Dreamweaver in 2001, then started using WordPress in 2009. Tools aside, the most important element of site development is a focus upon the audience of a site, […]

New Theme: http://ww2poster.co.uk

So, I’ve found a new theme that I like for my PhD thesis site (still book in planning!), now to make it more self-managing, so that it remains useful, if not that frequently updated! I’d bought the theme to use for my personal site, then decided it didn’t do what I wanted. Whilst playing with […]

NEW SITE: Not quite there yet…

So here we are, a new LOOK for the site, and some early tweaking to the structure. There’s quite a lot of work to do on the content (as it was still built quite strongly around web site portfolio, whereas I’m focusing more on digital culture/workshops): I’m awaiting a bit of help from a friend […]

[WEBSITE] Winchester Holistics

Winchester Holistics is a single-person holistic therapy business based in Winchester. The company required a small, friendly, small business website, which would not involve frequent updates. In 2006, we spent time in discussion as to content and structure, and used one of many free WordPress themes. After discussions and research, I designed and structured a […]