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[EDINBURGH] Religions Consuming Surveillance: Workshop Two

I have been asked to present at Religions Consuming Surveillance: Workshop Two, to be held in Edinburgh in March. My teaching load means I can't attend all of it, but am looking forward to presenting on self-surveillance and social media, especially as it relates to Christian identity.

Cypherpunks and Surveillance?

An interesting article to note to read re 'Cypherpunks' - suggested by @FuturePersp in tweets after last night's #SMWLDN event - this paragraph caught my eye: Child pornography, terrorism, money laundering and the ‘War on Some Drugs’: these are the flagship issues which are bandied around by those making the case for the surveillance and centralisation of our online lives, or the outlawing of privacy-protection software.  Cypherpunks gives them the (somewhat contrived) title, ‘the Four Horsemen of the…

Orwell 2.0? De Montfort proposes wi-fi surveillance

With students expected to become increasingly consumerist after the hike in tuition fees, universities may start to view campus wi-fi as a strong selling point. But plans at De Montfort University may give students pause for thought about the virtues of an ever-present internet connection: the institution is considering using its network to monitor attendance via electronic chips in students' ID cards. Other universities have introduced electronic attendance monitoring, but an automated system using wi-fi…

[MEDIA] How can social media affect an election? #GE2019 for @ManMetUni

I've been talking about social media and elections again ... who knew I'd have to do this so frequently? An extract: Social media is more embedded in people’s lives than ever before – most people don’t overthink their use of digital platforms. The four biggest platforms currently in use (albeit differently by different demographics) are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. Three of those are owned by Facebook and, as Hilary Clinton said recently, “When Facebook is the…

[MEDIA] How Video Games Can Be Harnessed for Worship by @GeekDadGamer in @Telegraph

If you're near Exeter, look out for this event, on how video games can be harnessed for worship, with Andy Robertson aka @geekdadgamer - about which he has written more in the Telegraph today, and for which I contributed a small bit: This quote is from my article Social Media, Peer Surveillance, Spiritual Formation, and Mission: Practising ChristianFaith in a Surveilled Public Space in Surveillance and Society Journal, which I mentioned to Andy in a conversation.