Challenge and Inspiration: #GWLOct15

Gathering of Women Leaders started very small back in 2012 (here’s the original ideas – PDF) – I first visited one in 2013, and have endeavoured to make it to at least one every year (there have been three, next year there will be two), despite living a long way out of London – as I […]

Book Launch: ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’ #DigitalParenting

So, I may have published three book chapters before, but finally, the first full book is out there. Many say they will do such a thing, few make it! It was therefore good to celebrate at Westminster Central Hall with friends, family and others. See full photos on Digital Fingerprint. Image credit: Mark Dodgeon

Good News Online: Positive Christian New Media Stories #UpLoadST

  Good News on Prezi Today, I am giving the above presentation: ‘Good News Online: Positive Christian New Media Stories’ at [name] in London, to those who are attending the MediaNet event. A 45 minute workshop session. Hopefully you’ve already been following the event at #UpLoadST

Online: A Theology (@drbexl @maggidawn) #refract #cnmac10 1) To introduce ourselves: Bex Lewis:  Cultural historian, digital specialist, works for Universities of Durham & Winchester. Maggi Dawn: Author and theologian, currently Chaplain and Fellow at the University of Cambridge In this talk today, we will be looking at a mix of theology and practical examples, as we seek to identify some of […]

Playtex Moonwalk 2005

I DID IT, I DID IT… in about 8 and half hours, which we didn’t think was bad as we had to stop/queue a couple of times, and sheer volume of people made it difficult to move any quicker! I really didn’t realise quite what a big challenge this would be until I started training […]