Pasties, Petrol & Stamps: Keep Calm!

Thanks for these today… I was too busy today to pay much notice to Twitter, so missed all the excitement about potential petrol tanker strike, and pasty tax… I knew about the stamps and have stocked up on a few:   I’d seen people on Facebook talking about filling their baths up, and debating what else […]

Thanks to @EricaGlaser for this one

Keep reading for interesting aspects of the story… enjoying: In 1997 Dr. Bex Lewis, taken with a youthful visit to a museum’s propaganda collection, wrote an authoritative dissertation on the poster. This research is oft-copied but rarely cited (boo). Thanks! Supporting Creative Commons Licences!! In 2000, Barter Books in England reprinted it from a rare original they discovered, and it sold merrily.

Thanks to @mattwi1s0n, from the Eden Network ‘Move in and Live Deep’

I have a friend who works with the Eden Network, and they recently decided to make a range of T-shirts using the Keep Calm idea…: Order here – you know you want to! And here’s some of the t-shirts at the Eden Network offices: And here I am wearing the t-shirt for ‘Christmas circuits’!