#BIGRead14: Amen #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 The final poem in Stephen Cherry’s encouraging but challenging series for Lent – starts and ends with ‘Amen‘ (so be it) – as it is ‘over to you’, and we think where we go next. #Luke2Acts Luke 4 – For 40 days (the length of Lent, once Sunday’s are removed), Jesus wandered the desert […]

#BIGRead14: Dying #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 Only two certainties in life, right? Death and taxes? Today’s poem deals with dying, and the sense of ‘slipping away’ … although Ernie’s comments earlier today that death for many isn’t such a comfortable time… although what most would hope for – slipping away in sleep! I loved hunting out the image above though […]

#BIGRead14: Breeze #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 I have to say a breezy day (preferably a warm, breezy day) is one of my favourite kinds of weather, so I love the fact that Stephen’s poem today looks at the breeze: When the breeze comes; we rise to life. I am currently pretty tired so ready to be pretty still, but then awaken […]

#BIGRead14: Joy // #Luke2Acts

#BIGRead14 Death and taxes .. the only certainties in life, right? Today’s poem on ‘joy’ Unpredictable, undemanding joy, let me dissolve into your abundant sufficiency, your limitless expansiveness, your eternal, redemptive fullness. I have had a day of ‘joy’ – recording God Spots for UCB, lunch with Lynne, recording a longer interview around #digitalparenting with […]

#BIGRead14: Reconciliation

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem focuses on ‘Reconciliation‘ – a tough topic, that we can all too easily skim over. Having just spent the day on an excellent ’emotional intelligence’ course with Andrew Scott, one of the standout elements of the day was his passion for the stories/narratives we weave around ourselves, and – particularly – around […]