#FollowFriday: Using Twitter in Learning

Interesting story in THE, with Rosie Miles, who I heard from at Winchester in the past: Dr Miles used Twitter, she said, as a kind of “ludic learning” tool, allowing students to connect with Victorian literature in a very 21st-century way. Students adopted Twitter personas based on fictional characters: Dr Jekyll became @Doubleface1886, while Dracula’s enemy […]

Should McCann Twitter abuser have been doorstepped on TV? for @ConversationUK

A recent piece, published for The Conversation UK, under Creative Commons licence (republished on Durham University): Should McCann Twitter abuser have been doorstepped on TV? By Bex Lewis, Durham University Brenda Leyland, a 63-year old woman from Leicestershire who had been accused of publishing a stream of internet abuse about the family of missing child […]

Tweet Featured on #BBCSML

Today’s programme was pre-advertised as: Should there be a ‘fat tax’ on sugary drinks and fast food? This week the government announced a new healthy food school meal initiative across England. This is part of the solution to tackle the growing obesity issue facing the UK. A quarter of British adults are now thought to be obese. […]