Ernest Charles Wallcousins(1883 – 1976)

Ernest Wallcousins was a renowned and successful painter and illustrator famed for his portraits of Sir Henry Wood, the conductor of the Proms for over 50 years, and for that of Sir Winston Churchill. Wallcousins worked across a wide range of medium and subjects; a book illustrator in the early years of the 20th Century, […]

Lionel Rich: War Artist

I’m gradually clearing out my hard drive, and came across this saved in my PhD files, and thought you might like it: One of his designs:  

The Art of War

Artists’ ability to portray the human cost of war makes them invaluable, even in the era of 24-hour news, argues Peter Hill The position of “war artist” may sound old-fashioned, but not only does it have a respectable pedigree, it is thriving. Before the camera was invented, war artists would often record heroic scenes of […]

Challenges To Biography (AHRC)

Why the network? Clearly academic biographers from different disciplines, freelance biographers, and theorists of biography can and do meet – but too often their engagement with each other is haphazard. A research network can consolidate fragile lines of communication across disciplines, between practitioners and theorists, and between scholars and non-academic writers. How easy to join […]

The Culture Show

Here are “my” posters again… well, I have written the most about them 🙂 I’m still watching the programme, and it seems to be mostly about “Art” with a capital A, which many posters are not considered as, but the initial summary shows Presenter Alastair Sooke talking to the Art Dept @ the Imperial War […]