Online: Digital Pioneer Webinar

An event for the National Anglican Community of Pioneers, considering what it means to live out an incarnational, relational and contextual ministry online (moving beyond the comfort of physically gathered spaces). I will join with a panel of others to contribute experiences and knowledge, combined with CofE pioneer principles to offer a framework to help people in an ongoing hybrid world.

[MEDIA] Social media guidelines for young people to be drawn up #ScreenTime

In the news this weekend has been Matt Hancock's decision to suggest a limit, rather like an alcohol limit, for screentime. Essentially I don't have a problem with guidelines  (if they are based on research), helping people understand how they are using technology (the good and the bad habits), and how it's affecting them (for good or for bad), but it's the context of 'moral panic' around 'screentime' that is really frustrating, from parents, from government…

[REPORT] from @Ofcom: Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes 2017

The new Ofcom report is out, looking at adults' media use and attitudes, drawing upon 12 years of research. Some of the headlines from this year’s report include: Older people are embracing smart and social technology. Four in ten of those aged 65-74 (39%) are now using smartphones, while the number of over-75s using smartphones has nearly doubled, from 8% to 15%, as has the use of tablets among this age group, going from 15%…

[SPEAKER] Working with opportunities and risks for Child Sexual Exploitation in a digital age #SAFEOFE

This afternoon I've 20 minutes to try and cover this HUGE topic with Open Forum Events on Safeguarding Children: Effective Collaboration for Child Protection and Wellbeing ... it's amazing what you can get through in 20 minutes TBH: Working with opportunities and risks for CSE in a digital age from Bex Lewis
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