#Advent20 #WinchesterWaits

I didn't get online yesterday, as I was bobbing around Winchester, and checking out the Christmas Markets, taking time to stop off at #WinchesterWaits. Meantime, this note from Brian: Don't forget, too, to make space this weekend to stop, relax, breathe and smile. If you find yourself at the shops, practice this somewhere busy, and notice what happens within you.

#AdventBookClub: Day 10: Carrying the Vision

Interesting thoughts from Ron Glusenkamp - that Advent can be a season for spiritual U-turns, as we stop running away and head towards God… as we crash and burn without God… after some of the conversations that were inevitable whilst in Winchester (are you coming back? being the most frequent one) I still feel that I'm where God wants me to be, though it's not always easy! Maggi Dawn's Beginnings and Endings also deals with a…

“I don’t do politics”

I'm trying to find the new video that's been on TV, but it doesn't appear to be on YouTube (or I'm not putting in the right search terms), but I found this old one, which also stuck in my mind: If you have the right to vote, do it... even if you're not quite sure who to vote for!

Always Great on Twitter @WinchesterCity

Sarah, who's behind the @WinchesterCity Twitter account, is always prompt and helpful in responding to Tweets. Last year I tried to report a dangerous path near me, uneven, with at least 2/4 lights not working, to fixmystreet. Because it's a pedestrian walkway, rather than a road, they couldn't get a GPS fix, so asked me to let me know the numbers on the posts... well, I can't see them, as I only use that path…
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