[SPEAKER] ‘Building a Presence Online’ for The International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education

I was invited to present for the Australian segment of The International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education online event (their in-person conference intended to be in Sheffield this summer has obviously been postponed til next week). As this was the evening after treatment, and would have been 'strange'o'clock', we did a pre-record at the end of last week. I spoke to Jay Robinson around this presentation, with a few Q&A afterwards. Building a Presence…

[SPEAKER] Digital Discipleship with Melbourne, Australia, via Zoom

This afternoon, I got to present on 'digital discipleship' to Melbourne in Australia (and anyone else who fancied joining). We had planned to do this session in person next week, but then Coronavirus got in the way - and then as I thought I was to be stuck in New Zealand, we planned to plan a new date for it over the next few weeks. Then I got my seat on the charter flight, so…

[SPEAKER] #PremDac19 – Digital Theology #TheBigC, with @RevJoanneCox

So, if you missed the session that Jo and I did at Premier Digital Conference 2019, the audio is now available via SoundCloud (you'll need to scroll to near the bottom of the page):   Slides are here: Digital Theology: The Big C #PremDac19 from Bex Lewis *Edit* In case the file gets removed, I've recorded (has that echoey feel from being recorded from laptop speakers): .
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