[LIFE] Thinking about #WildSwimming #OpenWaterSwimming

I really enjoyed watching this film about Wild Swimming with Alice Roberts: There’s been a spate of articles recently (or maybe I’ve just noticed them), here’s one from the New Yorker, ”The Subversive Joy of Cold-Water Swimming‘ The vogue for outdoor swimming has been fuelled, in part, by the Internet. It’s easy to collect “likes” by […]

BBC: 50 Places to See before you Die

50 places to see before you die, according to 20,000 viewers of the BBC’s “Holiday” programme (2003?). See also interesting article “things to do-before-you-die-ism“, and my travelblog(I never quite finished the text – I blame the chest infection I got on Europe Tour! Decided to make myself feel grateful for all the opportunities I have […]

A real Super Fun Day Out!

Whilst checking out social marketing material for Super Fun Days Out, I came across this YouTube video… this has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in ages! Guess it’s using the Wallace & Gromit stop-motion technique… I hate to think how long it took these guys to set this up, but I […]

Cricket: 20-20 at the Hampshire Rose Bowl

I’ve never been to a cricket match before, although I played once at school (I scored a six, got one run, and was then out!), read the full match report. Hampshire Hawks, 183; Middlesex Panthers 155! Woo… (and we had a very nice picnic!) Wonder where the ball went?!