#BigRead13: Day 43: Seek

#LentPhotos Today’s #LentPhotos is ‘The Road Travelled’ – for which I decided to go to my TripAdvisor pins and screenshot them (taking out the many ‘I still wish to go to’ pins: #BigRead13 Thoughts So, we’re onto the last book in the Narnia series today The Last Battle, in which Aslan was found by those […]

#BigRead13: Day 42: Colour

#LentPhotos The word for today is “hope”- and this one tickled me – if you’re like me, surrounded still by several days of freezing snow, but noticing the flowers trying to come out (and hoping they won’t be killed off): #BigRead13 Thoughts We’ve been feeling rather Narnian over the past week – ‘Always Winter, Never […]

#BigRead13: Day 41: Real?

#LentPhotos Today’s is “a necessity” – so let’s see what @seedresources gives us today… well, nothing been tagged with that, so I let myself think for a bit… and.. water: Without water there’s not a lot else (and reminding me of an explanation of the trinity – which I do know some people find not […]

#BigRead13: Day 40: Happiness

#BigRead13 Thoughts Similarly to the other day when we were told ‘there is no other stream’ –┬áMere Christianity echoes that … we are taught so much in our culture to ‘pursue happiness’, the ‘happiness index’ .. although it does seem that the emphasis is (having to) change from happiness being equated to how much money, […]

#BigRead13: Day 39: Worry

Today on #lentphotos we’re looking for #strength … this one appealed as though it may be rusty (as our faith can be // am I trying too hard for analogies?) it’s still strong & supportive – whatever we worry about! #BigRead13 Thoughts I really enjoyed reading The Screwtape Letters – with the perspective of the […]