#BIGRead14: O Thou

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem can be hard to read – because Stephen appears to be trying to articulate something that’s hard to articulate: O beginning! O beauty! O brilliance! O wonder! O presence! O silence! O mercy! O wholeness! O healing! O energy! O darkness! O glory! O friend! O end! O thou! I chose the […]

#BIGRead14: Embracing the Mystery

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem Help me to be clear about this at least: that I know little; that I miss more than I see; that I am surprised more often, far more often, than I ever admit. … reminded me of a postcard I used to have on my wall – which was something along these […]

#BIGRead14: Contemplation

#BIGRead14 Well, after a day which has been mostly about not working (although setting up online service for tomorrow has taken a tad longer than expected), this poem seems appropriate in a day of ‘waiting’ and ‘silence’, in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday: I remain in your peace. I absorb your peace. I will rise, […]

#BIGRead14: Mysterious Cross #sh2014 #eastermeans

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem focuses upon the Cross, and the complacency that so many of us of us have towards it because of its familiarity – and an encouragement to re-engage with its mystery: Mysterious cross, you hold my stare, reflect it back. your unfathomable eyes, like the blackest of holes, draw me in, draw me […]

#BIGRead14: Too Difficult

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem … Yes, it is too much to ask. Yes, it is too difficult. that’s the point. Give me the grace to do the difficult thing today. Not even really time to think about it, as today is my ‘packed full’ day at Spring Harvest … prayers, lecture prep (for afternoon lecture “There’s […]