[CANCER] Script for @BBCRadio4 Lent Talk on Faith, Uncertainty and Cancer

This evening, my Lent Talk for BBC Radio 4 has been broadcast. The script I read from was as follows: I’m just posting a picture onto my Instagram feed, and as I have done several times over the past year or so, tagged it with #waitingroomfeet. As you might guess, this is a picture of […]

[SPEAKER] Speaker Spotlight for #PremDac18 #DigitalMarketing

On 3rd November, I’ll be in London for the Premier Digital Conference, an event I’ve been involved in since it first ran back in 2010. I’ll be giving an introductory session on Digital Marketing, and also am a judge for the Premier Digital Awards. My speaker entry is as follows: Why are you passionate about digital? […]

[EVENT] The MediaNet Church and Media Network Conference #CMC18

My only contribution to this year’s Church and Media Network Conference, held yesterday in London, was through a podcast prior to the event, but it’s always great to be able to follow an event via Twitter – so I’ve collected the tweets here (just under 200):

[WAKELET Collection] #CofELabs Collected Tweets

On Saturday the Church of England ran an all-day Hackathon, with ‘techies and creatives’ considering options that the Church of England could support, utilising digital to underpin the core purpose of church – faith, discipleship, etc. The unsorted tweets are collected here (500ish tweets).

[WRITER] ‘Church as Family’ Bible Notes with ‘Day by Day with God’

Day by Day with God is published by BRF (the Bible Reading Fellowship), written by women for women. Each day a Bible passage is selected, a key verse focused upon, and then an explanation or application is suggested, along with further suggestions to help move women forward in their spiritual journey. This is the second […]