[VIDEO] Simple Copyright

Suitable for kids (and parents) – some of the complex copyright laws get a bit of an overview:

Copyright: Reclaiming Fair Use

I get asked a lot of questions about copyright, and as a non-lawyer, I have to say that it’s not my strongest area of expertise. I went to a day event at the Institute for Historical Research on copyright whilst undertaking my PhD, and every other sentence was ‘this is guidance, check with the lawyer’ […]

Keep Calm and Campaign On @bbcbreakfast #Keepcalmandcarryon

This morning on @bbcbreakfast (8.20am), the story was broadcast re Mark Coop’s (successful, so far) attempt to trademark ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ within the EU (as applied to the items he sells: t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Mark Cooper owns keepcalmandcarryon.com, which as you can see has capitalised hugely on the slogan: On TV this morning […]

Digital Copyright law will be 'burdensome'

” Universities say they already police compliance and infringements effectively. Matthew Reisz writes Major concerns have been raised about the impact of the Digital Economy Bill on universities, which fear it is likely to result in a “bureaucratic burden and muddle”. A central aim of the Bill, which is currently before the House of Lords, […]

Copyright for Posters

No specific authorisation has been sought from copyright owners, partly as I believe that all images are out of copyright, and are provided under fair use guidelines for educational purposes. If you wish to contradict me on this point, please contact me. If you wish to use posters for other purposes outside the fair use […]