#DigitalParenting: BBC Drama ‘Picture of Innocence’

‘Moving On‘ is a series of BBC dramas about how to ‘move on’ and pass turning points in life. This episode, named ‘Picture of Innocence’: When Hayley’s 16-year-old daughter Ruby comes flying in from school one evening in tears, Hayley presumes it is just another teenage drama. Ruby won’t tell her anything and her younger […]

#DigitalParenting #MurderGames The Life and Death of Breck Bednar

This looks like a really important programme to watch – it’s on in a couple of minutes on BBC3 – I met one of the people who worked on this docudrama last week. Even within this short video, it’s clear that Breck Bednar’s mother is not advocating for children to not be online, but that they be […]

“Digital Natives lack online nous” says @Ofcom

A report was released by Ofcom yesterday into Children and Parents attitudes – and this was the accompanying press release (note, I’m not a particular fan of the term ‘digital native‘, especially the way that it’s used): Children increasingly trusting of information they find online One in ten believe everything they find on social media or […]

[PRESS] On @PremierRadio : Children and Social Media, Gaming and Addiction


Earlier this morning I was live on Inspirational Breakfast for Premier Radio. Listen to the show online – I come in at about 8.10am. Take the opportunity to try Guardians of Ancora. *Note that I’m currently completing a chapter on how the digital has affected those working with those dealing with abuse, addiction and difficult behaviour for […]