Norman Widger

Widger was Publicity Manager for G & J Weir Ltd, who put posters to music in factories. Information collated from: Shaw, C.K., ‘Works Relations’, Advertiser’s Weekly, Vol. 124, No. 1,618, May 25 1944, p.259.

Victor Weisz

The cartoonist ‘Vicky’ was born Victor Weisz in Germany, of Hungarian Jewish extraction. He attended the Berlin School of Art, leaving when his father died in 1928, and published cartoons in German newspapers. As a member of the Jewish community with openly socialist political opinions, he decided to leave Germany once Adolf Hitler gained power. […]

L.K.Ward (Captain)

Captain Ward was a winner of a poster competition for the War Office, organised by the Army Education Scheme. Information collated from: Anonymous, ‘Winning War Office Poster’, Advertiser’s Weekly, Vol. 127, No. 1,660, March 15 1945, p.362.

Peter Varnon

Described by Advertiser’s Weekly as ‘youthful’, ‘bespectacled’, with a ‘scholarly stoop’, Varnon had joined the Merchants Navy Comforts Service (MNCS) in late 1942. Varnon moved from his own business, Peter Varnon and Associated Artists in Norfolk Street, where he had done work for the MOI until he felt compelled to take a permanent job with […]

Charles Uptton

Uptton appeared to specialise in religious imagery, including 121 images for the 1960s Egermeier’s Bible Story Book were ‘especially commissioned from the internationally known artist Clive Uptton’, and illustrations for various books authored by Hilda Rostron, including ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, for Ladybird. Information collated from: Exodus Provisions, ‘Exodus Provisions – Item Details’,, accessed October […]