[CANCER] Stereotactic Radiotherapy Completed #BreastCancer

So, we have finished the first of the new treatments… there was an ‘end of treatment bell’ outside the room. I thought about it, because I think we can celebrate every little chunk of treatment (though I know a lot of stage 4 patients find them very difficult to cope with)…. One of the silver […]

[CANCER] 2/3 Stereotactic Radiotherapy Done #BreastCancer

So, yesterday was the second of┬áthree stereotactic radiotherapy treatments on my spinal tumour – with the hope that it blasts it to pieces, before chemotherapy mops up the pieces. Stereotactic: involving, being, utilizing, or used in a surgical technique for precisely directing the tip of a delicate instrument (such as a needle) or beam of […]

[CANCER] Success with Round 1 of Stereotactic Radiotherapy #BreastCancer

As the radiotherapist said as I was leaving – that smile’s not going to leave your face today is it:   View this post on Instagram   We are one #radiotherapy treatment down! Back on Weds and Friday for the other two … #whatcancerlookslike A post shared by Bex Lewis (@drbexl) on Apr 1, 2019 […]

[CANCER} More uncertainty as we attempt stereotactic radiotherapy #BreastCancer

As I talked about on Radio 4 the other day, cancer is full of uncertainties. I headed into counselling this morning with my head bouncing around all over the place, nervous about the potential 20% chance of spinal fracture from stereotactic radiotherapy. Post-counselling, I met with my friend Shelley, and we went for lunch at […]