Visiting Research Fellow @StJohnsDurham

When I left CODEC after five years, St John’s College invited me to become a Visiting Research Fellow. This was approved at a meeting the other week. Here’s what it says about me:

Dr Bex Lewis is passionate about helping people engage with the digital world in a positive way, where she has been developing her experience since 1997. Trained as a mass communications historian, she wrote the original history of Keep Calm and Carry On, research that she is currently converting into a book. After five years working for CODEC combining Biblical and digital literacy, she is now Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing¬†at Manchester Metropolitan University, with a particular interest in digital culture, and how this affects the third sector, especially faith and voluntary organisations, and government behavioural campaigns. She is Director of social media consultancy Digital Fingerprint, and author of ‘Raising Children in a Digital Age’ (Lion Hudson, 2014)n which has been featured on The One Show, BBC News, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, and in the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Church Times, and numerous other publications.

See the content on St John’s College website.