Online: Digital Pioneer Webinar

An event for the National Anglican Community of Pioneers, considering what it means to live out an incarnational, relational and contextual ministry online (moving beyond the comfort of physically gathered spaces). I will join with a panel of others to contribute experiences and knowledge, combined with CofE pioneer principles to offer a framework to help people in an ongoing hybrid world.

[WEBINAR] Digital Church Webinar: Online Church as Real Community

Online church is sometimes criticised for its lack of social presence – as being second-best to physical church as a way of gathering together. In this webinar, we hear from three theologians with different views on social presence and church community. Prof Deanna Thompson Dr Bex Lewis (me!) Kay Morgan-Gurr and Pastor V Teejay from Pretoria.

[CHAT] with @AndrewGraystone: Faith, Hope and Mischief – An evening with(out) Andrew Graystone

Andrew is the person whose image went viral when, after the mass shooting in the Christchurch mosque, he stood outside the mosque in his Manchester neighbourhood with a cardboard sign saying "I will keep watch while you pray.”   Andrew has a gift for telling funny, prophetic and powerful stories about living in faith and hope. His stories encourage readers to take risks, make holy mischief, poke fun at the over-mighty, and believe that despite…
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