Harrods Sale: Great Video

Well, this cheered me up – but I want to know what the tune is! Thanks Suzi for spotting and sharing on Facebook!

Meeting the Ogongorans #TFBloggers

So, looking at the community that we’ll spend most time with: The Ugandan village of Ogongora is a perfect example of what happens when a church is mobilised to care for the the physical and spiritual needs of those around it. In 2003 the community fled the village – as the rebels advanced. In 2005, […]

Great Coke Advert for #SkyFall

I don’t like Coke, so I’d never get a chance to participate… and where are the women contestants (rather than the dolly birds) – but otherwise, if not staged… great idea! Trying to decide if it matters or not whether it’s staged? Still clever, but…