Taboos are tumbling as the modern student press becomes increasingly X-rated. Kaite Welsh reports

Student newspapers have long been a training ground for budding journalists, with politics, culture and sport all staples of the average university rag.

But whether it is pictures of scantily clad models or sex-obsessed bloggers, the modern student press is increasingly X-rated.

In a new book, Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy and a Student Journalism Revolution (2010), Dan Reimold, assistant professor of journalism at Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, celebrates such frank discussions of sexuality.

“Over the past two decades, (America’s) sexuality has absolutely ‘amped up’ and entered the mainstream – on TV, online, in the Oval Office, and on college campuses,” he argues in the book. However, he said his investigations also shone a light on the decline of print media on campus, a generation prone to “over-sharing” and doubts about the university experience.

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